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Building an error and overcharge free Workers’ Compensation Program that you control, not the insurance company.

ModCoach helps you reduce and control Workers’ Compensation costs through its copyrighted 20 step process.

  • Dedicated to helping employers crush Workers’ Comp costs through finding and fixing errors and recovering money already spent.
  • Helping employers drive their experience modification factor down to its minimum thus releasing locked up capital.
  • Creating recovery at work programs both employers and employees embrace to prevent disruption customer service and business output.

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Tripp Hutto

After graduating from Clemson University in 1993, I immediately entered the insurance industry and began helping people and businesses with their insurance needs. My focus has always been one of HOPE – Helping Other People Everyday.

After owning an independent brokerage firm for over ten years, offering all lines of both personal and commercial insurance, I determined that it was in the best interest of those I serve for me to become a specialist. Over literally years of research, I discovered this most compelling fact: Workers’ compensation is the only insurance that can be proactively managed by an employer to reduce the long-term cost. This only happens with a well-trained and dedicated agent who specializes exclusively in workers’ compensation – instead of one who attempts to offer and service all coverages as I once did. Would you prefer your general practitioner treat your cancer, or would you feel more confident with an oncologist in that role?

Like most insurance agents and employers, I believed these things to be true about workers’ compensation insurance:

  • It is statutory, required by law
  • Because there is no difference between policies, any policy/agent is as good as another; just find the best price for this year
  • Employers have to live with the price that the insurance companies charge
  • Insurance companies pay for employee injuries

As a Certified Work Comp Advisor (www.workcompprofessionals.com), I have learned that the only truth in the list above is that workers’ compensation is statutory and required by law.

With job classifications, annual payroll, the outcome of previous employee on-the-job injuries, and the annual Premium Audit as factors, every employer is assigned an Experience Modification Factor (or the “Mod”). The mod has an absolute and direct impact on the premium any employer will pay for workers’ compensation in a given year. For example, an employer with a 1.0 Mod will pay the average premium in their industry peer group, an employer with a 1.25 Mod will pay 25% more than average, and an employer with a 0.80 Mod earns a 20% discount and will subsequently pay 20% below average.

While there is nothing we can do about job classification or payroll, much can be done to control the Mod. It is a fact that most Experience Modification Factors contain errors. It is also a fact that, unfortunately, the majority of those errors benefit the insurance company, penalizing the employer. Consider these questions:

  • Do you know your Mod?
  • Do you know your Minimum Mod?
  • Has your current agent created a plan to help you reach your Minimum Mod?

If you are unable to answer the final question affirmatively, we may very well be able to help you! At ModCoach.com we pledge to represent you at all audits and to “coach” you on how to earn the lowest Mod possible. It doesn’t make sense to pay a penny more than is absolutely necessary to maintain your workers’ compensation insurance.

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