The insurance company doles out your money and you don’t have any say in it.

Isn’t it time to take control of your Workers’ Comp?

Worker Comp is the way you finance employee injuries. For every dollar the insurance company spends, you are likely to pay back $2.00 to $3.00 It’s our job to stop the borrowing at such high interest rates.

Because Workers’ Comp is so complicated and confusing, you are left to assume that your premium audit reports are accurate and your Experience Modification Factors are correct. However, because of mistakes rampant in the Workers’ Compensation system at least 50% of businesses are overcharged for their Workers’ Comp insurance. Plus, once one of your employees suffers an injury that is not managed correctly, the financial and and emotional impact could be destructive.

To help you wrest control back from the insurance companies, we have created a copyrighted 20 step process.


Protecting Your Balance Sheet. Improving your P&L


Discuss your company’s growth positioning and risk improvement strategies.

  • Damage Control
  • Uncover Errors
  • Correct Errors
  • Recover Money
  • Performance Reports
  • Implementation Program


You would not go to an IRS audit without expert advice, would you? Don’t allow the insurance company auditor to audit without the same expert guidance.

  • Premium Audit
  • Experience Modification
  • Plan Design
  • Insurance Company Selection


Our task is to help you improve your business and employee lifestyle.

  • Culture
  • Employee Wellness
  • Health Risk Factors
  • Hiring
  • Safety Behaviors
  • Compliance


Prevent injuries and manage injures with a microscope. That’s how to crush your Workers’ Comp costs. If not, your experience modification factor may skyrocket out of control.

  • Medical Provider Relations
  • Stay at Work
  • Supervisor/Team Training
  • Communicating

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